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  Battery Solutions Midlands

Battery Solutions Midlands in Aldridge, is one of Walsall, Birmingham and West Midlands leading battery stockist's. We specialise in premium quality batteries for Automotive, Leisure, Marine, Golf, Motorcycle and Mobility applications. Our aim is to provide you with quality batteries giving you reliability and service.



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Tel 01922 451541

Battery Solutions Midlands


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At Battery Solutions Midlands our commitment to you is to provide a range of quality batteries for your specific needs.

Our range of batteries covers everything from Car batteries, Commercial vehicle batteries, Motorcycle batteries, mobility batteries, golf and leisure batteries and industrial application batteries.


For newer vehicles with Stop/Start technology you car will need a specific battery which sometimes requires programming to the ECU of the car. It is vital that you only fit an AGM or EFB battery in order for your cars electronics and charging systems to work correctly.


If your car isn't being used its battery will eventually go flat. But how long your battery will last without you using your car all depends on how old the car is, how it is being used and what condition the battery is in. According to the AA, RAC and Green flag, if its a modern car that has been looked after with a battery that is in good shape, it should be able to last for at least a couple of weeks without needing to be started. Older Batteries are likely to go flat sooner, especially if it is cold outside

Battery Manufacturer Guarantees do not cover products which have been left in a flat / discharged or unused condition.

Traction Victron Energy


November 2022

Battery Solutions are now approved stockist's of Victron Energy Solar products for off Grid, Marine, Caravan / RV and Solar applications.

We Also stock TROJAN Traction