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The Numax range of Leisure batteries is well known within the Leisure industry. The range consists of standard Leisure batteries plus dual post,dual purpose leisure products where extra performance and extra connectivity is required.

We also Carry EXIDE GEL leisure batteries suitable for Motorhomes and Marine.


ENERGY Leisure  678, 679, 680

Flooded technology—Tried & tested Thicker plates—Means longer life Dual purpose— Starting & domestic use Charge level indicator—  For ease of use. 2 year warranty.

ENERGY Leisure


At Battery Solutions Midlands we carry a wide range of Leisure, Caravan and Marine Batteries in stock.

Our popular fitments are standard 678/679/680 Leisure batteries to high specification and complete with a two year guarantee.

We also carry the full range of Numax and Exide fully sealed for life leisure range. This consists of two ranges with standard post and dual post options.

Recently introduced into our range is the GEL leisure range from Exide.